Package org.sourceforge.espro.gui

Class Summary
AboutGui Title: AboutGui Description: A Gui for presenting information about this programm.
AbstractPageAction DOCUMENT ME!
ActionProvider ActionProvider provides application wide global actions.
IconProvider DOCUMENT ME!
ItemAssistant The ItemAssistant assists on the questionnaire run, where the expert is given the questinnaire.
ItemEditor The item editor is able to edit exacly one item.
MainPanel The MainPanel is a JPanel, which is at the center position of the main window.
MainWindow This is the mainwindow of the application, which creates the frame and handles the window title.
MenuBar This mangages the menu bar.
MethodSettingsEditor The MethodSettingsEditor draws a JPanel, which handles the settings of an elicitation method.
MethodSwitcher The MethodSwitcher supports a menu that allows the method to be switched for a given item.
NotificationArea The notification area is at the bottom of the application and consists of a progress bar and a label.
PageManager This manages the pages of an questionnaire and provides methods to go forward and backwards within a questionnaire.
Preferences Title: Questionnaire Description: A class for the preferences object used within espro.
QItemOrderEditor DOCUMENT ME!
QuestionnaireAssistant The QuestinnaireAssistant runs the questionnaire.
QuestionnaireEditor The QuestionnaireEditor is a gui to edit a questionnaire.
QuestionnaireManager The QuestionnaireManager manges the questionnaires.
QuestionnairePropertiesEditor A properties editor for a questionnaire.
ToolBar The toolbar is placed below the application menu.