Package org.sourceforge.espro.elicitation

Class Summary
AbstractScale The AbstractScale is basic for the other scales.
BarScale Title: BarScale Description: This method is represented by a vertical scale without any labels and a slider pointing to the scale.
BetaDist The BetaDist method shows a beta distribution to the user and lets them manipulate it by dragging the function courve arround.
DProbWheel This is the direct probability wheel, where the expert can adjust the proportions of the wheel to show the probability.
ElicitationMethod The ElicitationMethod is the superclass of all elicitation methods.
FunctionalMethod An abstract class which extends the ElicitationMethod in order to make it work with distributions.
IndirectMethod DOCUMENT ME!
IProbWheel Title: IProbWheel Description: A class representing the elicitation method called 'probability wheel'.
Number The Number elicitation method asks the rater for a single numeric input.
PieChart PieChart is a method where the expert can create a pie chart of her expected probabilities.
PointMethod DOCUMENT ME!
PropertyChangeSupportProxy Because of too many fires we proxy them and just put them forward after a short time, this should make the app faster.
Scale The scale elicitation method.
ScaleHint A ScaleHint is an object which holds a hint for the scale classes.
ScalePointSet ScalePointSet is a set of points on a scale.

Exception Summary
IllegalSettingException This is an exception which is like IllegalArgumgentException, except that it has another name to notify that not the argument is wrong, its the setting (which can come from an user input).

Annotation Types Summary
Copy The Copy Annotation is provided to tell espro that an parameter should be copied when we create a runnable Item with this method, where the method is a new one, copies by the MethodProvider.
Setting The Setting annotation.