Package org.sourceforge.espro.model

Interface Summary
ModelInterface This is an interface for the Models.

Class Summary
AbstractModel The AbstractModel containts a PropertyChangeSupport and a handling for setting and getting the saved state of the model.
Item The Item class support exactly one item and will be stored in the Questionnaire's items ArrayList.
ItemData This represents Data for one Item, for one elicitation.
MethodProvider The MethodProvider provides the elicitation methods.
Person A Person is a subject which can do the runnable questionnaire.
QData The Questionnaire Data (QData) object represents the data of the questionnaire and is attached to the questionnaire.
Questionnaire The questionnaire.
RunnableQuestionnaire The RunnableQuestionnaire is a copy of the questionnaire and is thought to run for the user.
Settings Settings is a general useable modell for handling settings.

Exception Summary
QuestionnaireNotFoundException This exception is rased if we really need a Questionnaire at this point but there could not be found any.